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Customized battery solutions are in demand in the field of E-mobility like E-bike, E-Tricycle, E-Motor, E-wheel Chair, E-boat, E-forklift, E-Yacht, UAV, Golf Cart, ATV Individual needs require individual solutions. You need a battery that is perfectly adapted to your application. Kingbo power help you develop efficient, safety, powerful, durable and economical battery solutions with you that are tailored to your needs.

UAV (Unnamed Aerial Vehicle)/Drone

It is an air-craft without a pilot on board. Essentially, a drone is a flying robot that can be remotely controlled or fly autonomously through software-controlled flight plans in their embedded systems, working in accordance with onboard sensors and GPS. Drones have had numerous uses in the defense, military, tactical, and modern warfare world. They eliminate the need for workers to physically access hostile environments, where factors such as height, wind, waves, weather, and radiation can lead to accidents or health issues. Lithium batteries are most commonly used for this application. Why because

Kingbo Power Technology Lithium batteries has got high energy and high power density

Kingbo Power Technology They offer flexible designs and form factors that supports complex geometries

Kingbo Power Technology Li-ion batteries offer a longer life cycle, enabling the support of hundreds of missions with a single battery and can be operated in extreme climatic conditions.

Kingbo power Drone
Kingbo power Golf-Cart


It is a two-wheeled trolley with a long handle and is used for carrying golf clubs. Electric golf carts produce no emissions. As well, an electric golf cart costs less to maintain and operate because recharging them is less expensive than buying gas for a gas cart. Equipping a lithium-ion battery into a golf cart

Kingbo Power Technology Enables the cart to significantly increase its weight-to-performance ratio.

Kingbo Power Technology Lithium golf cart batteries are half the size of a traditional lead-acid battery, which cuts two-thirds of the battery weight a golf cart, would normally operate with.

Kingbo Power Technology The lighter weight means the golf cart can reach higher speeds with less effort and it can carry more weight.

In Kingbo power technologies we always care Our products meets quality, safety, reliability and performance expectations. Every aspect of our products are carefully constructed with the individual user in mind. The materials used for our products are commercial grade and stringently tested to meet the high expectations of our customers.

ATV (All-Terrain-Vehicle)

Kingbo Power Technology All-Terrain Vehicle or an ATV is basically a Land based automobile capable of reaching remote areas where normal cars/bikes cannot reach. Main focus of an ATV is to provide safety in uneven terrains. They function in environments like River banks, mountains, snow, Forests etc. Pretty much anywhere taking your everyday cars/bike isn't practical. Enjoy going faster and farther with lightweight lithium ATV batteries from Kingbo Power technologies.

Kingbo Power Technology Compared to common lead acid batteries on the market, lithium-ion batteries are about a third of the weight.

Kingbo Power Technology It has got Efficient Charging – to achieve top performance. Lithium-ion batteries only need to be fully charged one time.

Kingbo Power Technology They are eco- friendly

Kingbo Power technology deeply believes in good service and professional experience that will completely meet your need. All our products are KC, UN38.3, FCC, CE and RoHS certified to ensure it's safety and reliability worldwide.

Kingbo power ATV


We are the agent of brand 18650 cell like Sony, Samsung , LG, Panasonic .

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