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Solar LED street lights are rapidly spreading around the world. Solar lights are not only cheap road lighting, but they are also sustainable and environmentally friendly. Kingbo Power is dedicated to rechargeable battery models, battery management and lifecycle.

Each off-grid system has a battery pack that stores the energy generated by the solar panels. However, not all solar cells are the same, and following certain parameters before making a purchase decision will significantly improve your solar outdoor lighting system. A cheap and inefficient battery model will result in high maintenance costs and will never provide reliable solar system performance.

That's why you should get all the answers to the following key questions before getting a solar cell model,
Kingbo Power Technology Which battery models should I consider for my solar outdoor lighting system?
Kingbo Power Technology What is the expected battery life cycle in solar streetlight applications?
Kingbo Power Technology What is the price of each solar cell?
Kingbo Power Technology What is the cost of battery maintenance and how much should it be monitored?

Enquiry us, Kingbo power offer your professional technical support and safety power supply.

Forklift battery in Germany


We are the agent of brand 18650 cell like Sony, Samsung , LG, Panasonic .

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