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For Battery Powered Hydraulic Pump, Solar Street light, Medical Equipment, E-boat, E-bike, E-tricycle, Laser Pointing Device, User Projector, Robots, RC Toy, Electronic Tools, Power Tools, GPS Tracking Systerm, Fitness Equipment, Wireless Speaker, Cleaner, Military Product, Backup Power, E-wheel Chair, Home Storage etc

Lithium ion Battery

Lithium ion battery Germany
  • LiFePO4 Battery Germany

Lifepo4 Battery

Lipo Battery Germany
  • Lithium ion battery UK

Li-polymer Battery

Lithium battery Germany
  • Lithium battery UK

Power Battery

Li-ion battery Germany
  • Kingbo Power Technology

UAV Battery

Battery pack Germany
  • Kingbo Power Technology

Brand Cell

LiFePO4 Battery Germany
  • Kingbo Power Technology


Lithium battery Germany
  • Kingbo Power Technology


We are the agent of brand 18650 cell like Sony, Samsung , LG, Panasonic .

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