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How to replace of leadacid battery to Lifepo4 battery

05 March 2022

Kingbo Power Technology

1, the consistency of the Lifepo4 battery cell

Many friends, simply think that the stacking of lithium batteries can be used. Ignore the consistency of the cell resistance and voltage,It cause battery decay damage. (Some friends bought bad lifepo4 battery, decay too fast, with the same effect of lead-acid decay) 

Solution: must use A quality Lifepo4 cell and Lithium cells must be sorted again, and checking the voltage is consistent after keep 48 hours.

2, sealing problems

Because of air erosion and oxidation problems, rusting is inevitable. Many electric car batteries are placed at the bottom, it is easy to enter the water caused by failure.

Solution: Waterproof and Safety sealing.

3Matching BMS Discharge&Charge Current

Such as Vans, E-tricycle, has a big power motor, firstly we have to check the motor controller parameters like voltage range, Max Consumption Current.

4. Change to new Charge Port, Must match lifepo4 battery charger with lifepo4 battery pack.

5. the controller does not need to be replaced after the battery replacement

Here also important to mention, replace the battery can only replace the same capacity of the same voltage, can not be replaced with the previous battery capacity voltage does not match, that will burn the controller so that the motor Hall and other electronic components are damaged. As long as the original battery capacity and voltage match, it is not necessary to replace the controller.

6. avoid reversing the positive and negative connection, resulting in the positive and negative short circuits caused by safety problems.


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How to replace of leadacid battery to Lifepo4 battery