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what are the advtanages of yinlong lto battery

04 August 2021

Kingbo Power Technology

Special Features for Yinlong LTO battery

Low Maintenance. No Emissions, Highly customizable electric vehicles of all sizes and shapes to suit all transportation requirements from urban and intercity commuting to delivery vans.

Ø  High Safety: No smoke, no fire, no explosion

Ø  Experiments show that: Yinlong lithium titanate battery has no smoke, fire, burning, explosion, etc. under destructive tests such as needle puncture, electric drill punching, sharp saw cutting, strong extrusion, and short circuit.

Ø  Quick Charging and discharging: 6~10 minutes only

Ø  Wide Temperature: -50 to 60

Ø  Long cycle life: 30-year service life, saving the cost of frequent battery replacement

 Yinlong lithium titanate battery has up to 30,000 full charge and discharge times. After 10 years of the normal operation of the vehicle, 80% of the capacity can still be used in cascades, which has significant advantages.

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what are the advtanages of yinlong lto battery