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Rechargeable Lithium Battery Performance and Testing

30 June 2021

Kingbo Power Technology

What are the main performance of the secondary battery /rechargeable lithium battery


It mainly includes voltage, internal resistance, capacity, energy density, internal pressure, self-discharge rate, cycle life, sealing performance, safety performance, storage performance, appearance, etc. There are also over-charge, over-discharge, and corrosion resistance.


What are the reliability test items of the battery

01) Cycle life


02) Different rate discharge characteristics


03) Discharge characteristics at different temperatures


04) Charging characteristics


05) Self-discharge characteristics


06) Storage characteristics


07) Over-discharge characteristics


08) Internal resistance characteristics at different temperatures


09) Temperature cycle test


10) Drop test


11) Vibration test


12) Capacity test


13) Internal resistance test


14) GMS test


15) High and low-temperature impact test


16) Mechanical shock test


17) High temperature and high humidity test


What are the battery reliability safety test items


01) Short circuit test


02) Overcharge and over discharge test

03) Withstand voltage test

04) Impact test

05) Vibration test

06) Heating test

07) Fire test

09) Variable temperature cycle test

10) Trickle charge test

11) Free drop test

12) Low air pressure test

13) Forced discharge test

15) Electric heating plate test

17) Thermal shock test

19) Acupuncture test

20) Squeeze test

21) Heavy object impact test

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Rechargeable Lithium Battery Performance and Testing