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What are the packaging materials of the battery?

02 July 2021

Kingbo Power Technology

What are the packaging materials of the battery

 01) Non-dry meson (paper) such as fiber paper, double-sided tape


02) PVC film, trademark tube


03) Connecting sheet: stainless steel sheet, pure nickel sheet, nickel-plated steel sheet


04) Lead-out piece: stainless steel piece (easy to solder)


Pure nickel sheet (spot-welded firmly)


05) Plugs


06) Protection components such as temperature control switches, overcurrent protectors, current limiting resistors


07) Carton, paper box


08) Plastic shell


What is the purpose of battery packaging, assembly and design


01) Beautiful, brand


02) The battery voltage is limited. To obtain a higher voltage, multiple batteries must be connected in series.


03) Protect the battery, prevent short circuit and prolong battery life


04) Size limitation


05) Easy to transport


06) Design of special functions, such as waterproof, special appearance design, etc.

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What are the packaging materials of the battery?