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How big battery is available for electric device

07 June 2021

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Whether you need li-polymer battery or li-ion battery ,lifepo4 battery for consumer electric device, e-mobility tools or storage energy , firstly we have to think how big to make your battery or battery pack . This idea of ​​“how big” your battery should be can mostly be broken down into two factors: voltage and capacity.

A.    Voltage

a.    The battery voltage will mostly be decided by the device that you are trying to power . For example , If you want to power 7.4V for security knock , you will make to make 7.4V battery , wich fits related device . if you want 36V or 48V E-bike , you will need to make 36V or 48V Battery .

b.    The main exception is if you’re planning on using a voltage converter or inverter or controller. For example, you might build a 48V battery for power wall to power your home, and then use an AC inverter to turn that into 110V or 220V AC or a DC-DC converter to turn it into 12V DC. Or if you want to use 12V battery for smart charge voltage 5V. and etc.

c.    How to get correct voltage for your battery , firstly we need to choose the battery type , different battery type have different nominal voltage of each cell . Secondly , The nominal voltage of each cell by the no. of cells in series. Eg.: Li-ion battery (18650) cells are 3.6v or 3.7V , That means 2 cells in series will give us 2*3.7V=7.4V , 16cells in series will make 16*3.7=59.2V , that’s why we say 59.2V as 16S , 36V as 10S( 10 cells in series)configuration.

Here’s a list of voltages and their corresponding cell counts:

Kingbo Power Technology

B.    Capacity .

a.    How to make enough capacity , you will need to depend on the measured in amp hours or mAh . The more capacity in your battery, the longer it will last before running out of charge.

b.    The capacity of your battery depends on how many cells you have in parallel . Adding more cells in parallel will result in higher capacity. For example, if you use 2200mAh cells and have three cells in parallel, you’ll have 6600mAh of capacity (2200mAh x 3 cells = 6600mAh). But if you used 10 cells instead, you’d have 22Ah total.

C.   In general, the best way to achieve better performance and upgrade your battery is to build a larger capacity battery with a higher Ah value. This is because the more cells you have in parallel, and thus the higher the capacity of the battery, the less load is placed on each individual cell. Think of it like you and your friends carrying a heavy refrigerator. Would rather pick up the refrigerator with three people or five people It will be much easier to lift with five people, since each person will carry less of the load. It’s the same thing with battery cells! The more cells you have in parallel working together, the larger the capacity and the less load each cell has to support by itself.

d.    Continuous current and peak discharge current . for example : the capacity of battery pack 15Ah, battery cell capacity 3Ah , if the peak current 15A ,continuous current 3A , that  means that you will want to make sure that you plan to have enough cells in parallel to handle your total current load. A single cell would be able to support a peak of 15A (5C) when using terminal caps, it needs 5 cells in parallel.

e.    Remember that the current load that your battery can support depends entirely on the number of cells in parallel, and not series. So if you’re building a 36 V battery with 10 cells in series, that doesn’t mean you can support 50 A. You have to calculate your current capacity based on the number of cells in parallel, not series. If that 36 V battery you are building has four cells in parallel and 10 cells in series (making it a 10s4p pack), it can support 20 A when using the terminal caps, since each cap can carry 5 A each.

The two main factors to consider are your voltage and capacity (measured in amp hours). Your voltage will probably already be decided for you, based on the device you are going to power with your battery. Your capacity is usually up to you, but it is most often best to go bigger than you think. Not only will it give you more run time (and range, if it is for an electric vehicle), but it will keep your cells healthier and lasting longer too as each cell will work less hard.

Besides , We also have to choose to match related BMS/PCB and Wires ,  and we choose correct battery type depend on dimension, weight, cycle life time, weight and etc.

See below battery images: 2S1P Battery Pack (PL204070) and 

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How big battery is available for electric device