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What the reasons cause the battery was swollen when the weather gets hot ?

07 June 2021

Many enterprises in the electric vehicle industry can clearly feel that the weather is getting hotter and there are more battery swollen than in other seasons. At present, many battery suppliers have strengthened their after-sales service standards, but battery swollen are degraded or even not offer after-sales services. .


1. The electric vehicle charger is exposed to high temperature to charge the battery, and the charger parameters drift.

As the weather gets hot, many electric vehicle users do not notice the charger's cooling when charging the battery. When the charger charges the battery, it heats itself. If it is exposed to high temperatures, it will easily cause the charger parameters to drift. Especially for some chargers with poor quality, it is more easy to have this parameter drift at high temperature. When the battery is fully charged, the charger with the parameter drift cannot turn on the lights in time and is still charging the battery. After many recycle times, The battery will be damaged easily.

2. Charge the battery as soon as the electric car stops, and the battery will have time to cool down in the future.

When an electric vehicle is riding, the battery itself will heat up. In addition to the hot weather, the temperature of the battery can even reach above 70°C. Charging the battery at this time will aggravate the battery’s water loss and reduce the battery’s service life. The risk of battery flushing.

3. Charge the battery under direct sunlight, which will aggravate the battery's water loss.

The battery will also heat up during the charging process. If it is charged in direct sunlight, it will also cause the battery to lose water, cause damage to the battery, and cause swelling.

When the weather gets hot, try to charge the electric car in the shade or in the evening. At present, battery manufacturers impose relatively heavy penalties on battery swelling. Once the battery is swollen, it may face price reduction penalties. Usually, when selling electric vehicles and replacing batteries, they should remind customers and reduce their own troubles. 1. The safety valve pressure is too high

In order to ensure safe use, valve-regulated lead-acid batteries are equipped with a row of safety valves. When the pressure in the battery rises, the safety valve will automatically open to release the pressure to ensure the balance of air pressure inside and outside the battery. And if the safety valve cannot be opened normally when the pressure in the battery rises, over time, due to the high pressure in the battery and the imbalance of the internal and external air pressure, bulging will occur.

2. Overcharge and over discharge

Battery engineers have repeatedly emphasized that batteries should try their best to prevent overcharging and overdischarging. Overcharging and overdischarging will cause poor gas recombination in the battery. A violent reaction similar to a short circuit will occur inside the battery, causing a lot of heat to decompose and vaporize the electrolyte. Boom up.

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What the reasons cause the battery was swollen when the weather gets hot ?