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5 Tips to maintain the battery life for electric vehicles

16 January 2019

Kingbo Power Technology

Avoid deep discharging

Ensure that there is no deep discharging of batteries, If your battery discharge completely before recharging, it can take time off the overall life discharge. So always ensure the state of charge between 40-70 % capacity.

Charge your battery periodically and balance

Lithium-ion batteries generally last longer when they are charged and discharged more shallowly, rather than fully from 0 to 100 percent charge.

Don't leave your battery sit at a 100% state of charge

It is best to charge to around 80% rather than getting a full charge.

Keep it cool

Park the vehicle in the shade as lithium ion batteries are sensitive to heat. So try to park your vehicle in a cooler spot.

Use timers to minimize the time spent at a high state of charge

Careful timing of your charging schedule is also better for your batteries. Again, the idea is that lithium-ion batteries are most stable when they are about half charged, not too full and not too empty.

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5 Tips to maintain the battery life for electric vehicles