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Lithium ion battery in UK

Lithium is the lightest of all metals, which has the greatest electrochemical potential and provides high energy density. Lithium ion batteries can be formed into many shapes and sizes which makes them suitable for use in devices such as laptops and smartphones. Also have higher energy density and capacity than other rechargeable batteries. Rechargeability is the major advantage of lithium ion batteries which makes them ideal.

Kingbo Power offer best lithium batteries in UK with different specifications, properties and costs. Our experts have extensive knowledge of the lithium ion batteries available on the market and will work with you to know the design requirements and recommend the most appropriate and economical battery solution.

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Lithium Ion Battery Advantages

High energy density and higher capacities

Relatively low self-discharge

High operation voltage

Low Maintenance

No periodic discharge is needed


Laptop & computers

GPS tracking system

Hydraulic pump and garden tools

Solar street light

E mobility

Home energy storage system

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